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About Me

To introduce myself: My name is Hansjoerg and I'm a 36 year old guy from Southern Germany. Since I finished my studies of precision mechanics / mechatronics in 1998 I work in RnD for electronics, motion and drives at a local manufacturer's, here in Black Forest! My hobbies are 3D construction, illustration, enginee-ring and CNC stuff, as R/C modelling. I'm very busy in several internet newsgroups and forums, where my main directive is to share my knowledge, as to discover new areas of interest and to learn new techniques to expand my horizon! If you would be interested in R/C modelling, you would be able to download several plans or documents about my building technique. Also available: Little information about the workshops I organized in the past. Perhaps you might check out my photo- or model gallery, or just sign in my guestbook. As there would be questions comming up, feel free to send me an Email. - From time to time I will revise this pages and so will be able to do further optimzation. Whatever you will decide to do, have some fun on my pages!Hansjoerg